我们的极光观测小屋位于从费尔班克斯市(Fairbanks)往帕克斯高速公路(Parks HWY)尼那那・德纳利(NENANA・DENALI)方向的途中,开车大约35分钟的地方。

极光观测小屋位于英里程标(Mileage post)326-325之间,海拔高度为450米,周边视野为全景360度。在月光下的夜晚,您可以看到南部的整个阿拉斯加山脉,这是观测极光的绝好位置。




营业时间:22:30 - 2:00


Welcome to the Aurora Husky Lodge. 

We are located west side of 32 miles south of Parks Highway from Fairbanks. (Mile post Between 326 and 325) This location is locally and internationally well-known as one of the best place to view the Northern Lights in the world. Please come and join us for a chance to view the beautiful lights in the sky. 

Features of our lodge: 

Overlooking the Alaska Mountain Range and can see the 360 degree view.

Amazing view of the dark night sky within only a 35 minutes drive from Fairbanks. 

Included in the $30/pp price is access to our private property, a warm lodge to await the lights in, unlimited Hot Cocoa, Coffee, Tea and Snack.(open22:30-2:00)

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