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Special Price!  from August 25, 2023

    (option1 regular price $40 → Now  $35 !!!

     option2 regular price $125  → Now $100〜$105!!!)

Please check our cancel policy before booking

※Option 1 – Reservation required

Self drive / Rental car / taxi 

$35per person for viewing fee 

Children ages 6-15  $20/child

We are open from 10:30pm to 2am.

Two-adult minimum required. 


※Option 2

Pick up service – Reservation required

Only major hotels listed on the booking page

$100〜$105 per person

Children ages0‐15  $75〜$80/child

(Two-adult minimum required. ,Price varies based on pick-up hotel location.  See pulldown list on our booking site of our website for pricing.) viewing fee included  about 9:30pm* pick up at Fairbanks area hotel, return to hotel around 2:45am to 3:00am (leave the lodge at 2:00am) 

*Pick up time will vary between about 9:20pm-10:00pm based on hotel location.We will tell you the pick-up time between 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm on the day of the tour.



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